Enterprise Risk Management

Understand strategic and business objectives
Conduct Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capabilities health check
Define Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) vision and road map
Establish the governance structure
Develop the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and processes
Identify and evaluate risks
Develop risk treatment plans
Provide implementation guidance
Monitor & Manage
Plan, develop and implement training

Security Training Services

Global Risk Consulting provides the following Security Training Services:
Security systems training and implementation
Personal Security
Organisational Security
Travel Security
Hostile Environment Training
Guard forces Training
Rules of Use of Force
Security Escalation Training
Training Management Systems
Crisis Management Training

Protective Security Services

GRC has ready access to specialized security experts and teams, providing the following services:
Embedded Security Managers, Consultants & Advisors
Embedded Intelligence Analysts
Unarmed and Armed Protection Services
Meet and Greet Services - close protection
Event Security

Incident and Crisis Management

Global Risk Consulting provides the following services in Incident and Crisis Management:
Incident planning and management
Emergency response planning and management
Emergency evacuation planning and management

Security Design Consulting

Recent examples of clients requesting this service:
Designing a Security Plan for Ocean Towers Opening
Developing global standards for risk assessments and security audits - Hostile environment solutions (Iraq & Pakistan)

Maritime Security

Piracy monitoring and threat analysis
Maritime security consultancy and training
Provision of liaison officers and ship security officers
On board advice, crew training and response to incidents
ISPS audits: ship and port security plans