Risk Management

There is more pressure than ever for Board of Directors, General Manager’s, executive leadership teams and senior business leaders to make quality decisions repeatedly on behalf of their organisations, and these decisions need to take into account all the nuances that could affect successful and desired business objectives. With a structured approach to risk management and its processes you can positively influence your organisations culture and management of key risks, and lead it to better quality business outcomes.

Formal risk management processes should be integrated into every facet of your organisation, whether sub-consciously or intentionally, and these systems will set the business tone and present to staff through:

  • strategic risk management frameworks
  • operational risk management processes
  • project risk management systems
  • programme risk management procedures
  • enterprise risk management focus
  • organisational risk tolerances and appetites
  • risk identification, assessment & treatments
  • task specific risk procedures i.e. health & safety ISO 45001, quality ISO 9001, and risk management principles ISO 31000


Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Global Risk Consulting can assist you with your organisations risk management systems and processes. While traditional business risk auditing comes from a financial perspective we view risk through a broader lens taking a close look at people, roles, relationships, function, decision making, and legal framework. Whether you are looking to audit current business systems and practices or to enhance your operational or strategic approach to managing a specific risk we can assist you.