Global Risk Consulting Community Projects

International Touch Rugby

Even during times of duress and in the middle of a War; one can still find the time to play a little International Touch Rugby.  Having sport to bring about a change of mindset, allows for a sense of camaraderie, humour, sportsmanship and the ability to be able to do something together that takes the mind off the mundane responsibilities and the real tragic situation that exists outside the security gates.

This involved the British, Welsh, Fijians and New Zealanders. A wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company.

Pakistan Rugby

We were very fortunate to be able to work in Pakistan for two years, met some wonderful people saw the country and yes we found the time to engage in the truly global game of rugby, despite the countrywide challenges. The people were magnificent even with all that was happening around them, we still found time to play footy.

Thanks to the support of the British enclave (Foreign Office), Islamabad, Pakistan Rugby Union manage to breath air into the game again, initially between the expats and the locals who played a men's and women's footy match. This was the first ever touch rugby match for the Pakistan females team, it was truly an historic moment.

This tournament was the catalyst for kick starting conversations and dialogue with the various agencies, including USAID, AUZAID, and British personnel, to locally support the game of rugby.

The Pakistan Rugby Union went on to win a Global IRB World Rugby, Character Award.
Building a better world through rugby.

British High Commissioner to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in succession to Mr Philip Barton CMG OBE and the President of the Pakistan Rugby Union Mr. Fawzi Khawaja awarding Chris Kumeroa a PRU Plague for his contribution to the local game.

Building Relationships between Chinese Multi-National Oil Companies, International Expats and Southern Iraq Oil Company

It’s important to build a community outside of the working relationship, particularly when some might consider beliefs; religion and industry practice are miles apart. Sport helps bridge a better understanding between the various cultures, ethnicities and moves the relationship into a healthy social model.

Global Risk Consulting has found that sport can sometimes play the equalizing role that enables the host nation to be part of the community transition and they begin to see themselves in long term corporate journey. The benefits of a sport foundation are pretty significant and help build meaningful partnerships at Political, local and community levels.