Security Management

As the national and global security landscape changes, organisations also need to evolve and improve on
their own security management systems, methods and best practice. New threats and challenges are
presenting themselves daily and this can expose your organisation to uncontrolled or dangerous security
risks. It is important to note that if your organisation is exposed to these sorts of risks, then potentially
your staff, their families, key business relationships also have a degree of exposure. It is a personal and
professional responsibility to manage security risks pro-actively and with a high degree of proficiency.
Global Risk Consulting can implement a fully integrated security risk management system into your
organisation that will:
 provide resilience to your business, staff and core operating processes
 provide advice and training that will keep your systems, information, staff and organisation safe
 comply with International and New Zealand statutory requirements and their prescribed intentions (ie
New Zealand - Worksafe, Protective Security Requirements (PSR), Health & Safety at Work Act and
supporting regulations), and relevant legislative compliance checklists
 business contingency plans, emergency response plans
 training and educating of staff so they can plan more effectively and keep themselves and their
colleagues safe
 give your stakeholders (Externals, your Governance, Strategic and Operational level) peace of mind
that all reasonably practicable steps have been taken to ensure staff security and associated risks
have been considered
 We will work with you to identify and treat your security based risks
Global Risk Consulting has extensive commercial consultancy experience working Internationally and
New Zealand and frontier developing regions providing high quality services to industry, Governments,
businesses and not-for profit organisations. Our security expertise will enhance your organisation, its staff
and your business relationships.