GRC Projects

Some highlights from past projects

Here are just some of the many projects we have been involved in over the years

Infrastructure Refurbishment – Tazluja and Bazian Cement Companies

As part of the Iraq Reconstruction process, there had been a number of strategic priority tasks that needed to be undertaken. As part of the infrastructure development across the entire country; cement become a real time asset the country needed to have. Orascom, owned by an Egyptian family partnered with Kurdistan Regional Government and Kak Faruk Rusool to have Tazluja Plant refurbished and Bazian plant built to the value of $600m.


These progammes were highly complex projects with multiple stakeholders on board, which included the Asiash (Kurdish Secrete Service), Egyptian Senior Project Management, Indian immigrant laborers, Polysius, a German owned firm for technical expertise and insurgent and criminality pressure on the peripherals.


Infrastructure Refurbishment - Dokan and Durbandikan Dams

These locations had strategic significant to Kurdistan and Iraq because of the power generation across the entire country but also the geo-graphical placement next to the Iranian border which was still a threat to Iraq’s security.

The Kurdistan Regional Government had close to a division of Military personnel and security forces placed at the locations to ensure its safety.

Our role was to provide support to ABB Electrical (third party contractors) in line with the company’s Global Security Plan, so ABB could increase the dams power output to the national grid.

The United Nations Food for Oil Programme Investigation

There were a number of personnel, organisations and foreign states that had been implicated in the UN Food for Oil Programme Investigation. We managed two groups of legal firms (KPMG and Ernst and Young) who conducted the financial auditing of the programme.

There were a number of high level visits to US Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Paul Bremer, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Iraqi Central Bank. Mr Ahmed Chalabi, Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) was a critical player in some of the investigation processes, helping to steer the legal team in the right direction.

The project was hugely complex with a lot at stake and a number of high level assignations occurred during the periods leading up to the various audit and certainly after.

Security and Risk Management Support to Karin Roxman, Swedish Ambassador

GRC personnel provided security support to Ambassador Karin Roxman during her visit to Iraq. This included visits to the French, Italian, German, British and US Embassies.

The Ambassador also made trips to most Iraqi Ministries (Internal Affairs, Oil and Gas, Foreign Ministry etc) and more importantly the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to visit President of Iraq, Mr Talabani, Prime Minister Mr Bazani and their respective Ministers. This is her on the right – what a lovely lady.

Roles include:

  • Government Liaison
  • High Level Event Planning – establish the scope
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Risk Register & Mitigation Process
  • Comprehensive Security Plan and Support
  • Coordination with Government Agencies and Security Forces
  • Incident and Emergency Management Plans
  • Manning and Vehicle Allocation
  • Critical Contact Details

Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan

Security & Risk Management Support to Ambassador Saiid Hindam, Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan

GRC personnel were fortunate to assist and aid Saiid Hindam, Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan, plus two back bencher Pakistani Politicians for a large Multi-National event. Six months of planning and Government coordination. Really enjoyable task with lots of learnings and valuable contacts.

Roles include:

  • High Level Event Planning – establish the scope
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Risk Register & Mitigation Process
  • Comprehensive Security Plan and Support
  • Coordination with Government Agencies and Security Forces
  • Incident and Emergency Management Plans
  • Manning and Vehicle Allocation
  • Critical Contact Details

Setting the Global Tone – Drill Site Risk Management Plans

GRC personnel were critical in developing the global security operating standards (well site operations) now used by Chinese National Petroleum Company, Daqing Petroleum, Great Wall Drilling Company and Bohai Drilling Company.  These standards set the tone globally for most major drilling, production and oil field service companies.

The risk management standards (in-line with ISO: 91000) must be aligned to the environment in which the company operates and this is commonly known as a risk based approach. Undetermined risk landscape means that you maybe guessing what is needed and not aligned to what is required. Threat and risk assessments are critical.

Saudi Arabia Royal Family

We provided security detail for the Saudi Royal Family.

Saudi Royal Family convoy and their own plane on the tarmac.


New Zealand Olympic Weightlifting Team

We have provided consultation & security intel to Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand. Please see client testimonials for further info.


Celebrity & Film Industry – Security Planning

It’s important the celebrity clients feel that they can go about their work unhindered knowing that thesecurity team have all elements covered off. This entails a comprehensive security risk assessment (risk ID, risk assessment, risk controls), detailed security management plans which should include, standard operating procedures, training, incident, emergency management and evacuation and business continuity plans (bring back to normal state).

This requires the team to conduct either a desk top assessment, or visit the site/s in person (preferable):

  1. Assess air carrier, airport and its security standards and protocols

-          Establish gap analysis

-          Entry / exit protocols

-          Accreditations / passes

-          On site security team and liaison

  1. Route assessment

-          Traffic and possible congestion periods

-          Safe havens on route (Police / Military installations etc)

-          Speed limits

-          General road conditions

-          Primary route and alternate routes

-          Tourist sites on route

  1. Hotel Security Plan and Staff

-          Location of staff in reference to others

-          CCTV room  / Operations Room

-          Security and Emergency Management Plans (gap analysis)

-          Number of security personnel on site

-          Location of closest Police or emergency evacuation area

  1. Police & Emergency Group Liaison

-          Establish a relationship – keep updated on progress and location

-          Contact details

  1. Comprehensive Communications Plan

-          Establish key stakeholder list of contacts

-          Develop and implement an emergency comms plan

  1. Bridging Documents – there maybe a requirement to provide a stop gap of information if security plans are absent (so it meets the risk threshold)

-          Security Plan

-          Incident and Emergency Management Plans

-          Security Team Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Employing the Right People

-          Security Vetting / staff due diligence (Ministry of Justice checks)

-          Intelligence Manager

-          Security Manager / consultants / advisors

-          Security Team (augment local population)

NBC Universal – Better Late Than Never

Terry Bradshaw, Dye Harvey, Henry Wrinkler, George Forman, William Shatner

Having a comprehensive and systematic approach to managing security risks helps drive a successful programme. This way the risks are identified, assessed and controls can be implemented to make for a smooth transition from one phase to the next. Allowing the risks to be managed and accounted for means that the other parties can focused purely on their roles, particularly when it comes to the celebrity group (talent) and crew. Moving 60 people across four countries requires seamless management and a well-coordinated effort.  Having security teams leap-frog one another aids in the transition periods from one country to the next.



Oil & Gas Sector

Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East

As a security company and provider of risk management process, there were a number of highly complex tasks in the Middle East that required Political, social and at economic stakeholder engagement. This involved a very robust Corporate Social Responsibility programme that set out the journey for all parties. This is hugely rewarding when teams from a variety of nationalities begin to work together for a common cause.

Reconstruction of Iraq Programme

A number of highly complex tasks were undertaken as part of the reconstruction process centred out of Saddam's Palace, Baghdad. This was driven by key players - U.S Ambassador Paul Bremer.



Lord of the Rings

Security detail for Elijah Wood during filming of The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.

America's Cup

Security Detail for America's Cup. Sir Peter Blake pictured during the America's Cup parade, Auckland, New Zealand (1995).