Security Training Management Systems

Project Needs Analysis (PNA) is the key component that assesses the organisations specific training needs. The organisations objectives are clearly identified coupled with assessing what it currently being delivered that then this establishes what is not present to meet these objectives.

PNA Report

• A high level document designed to enable senior leaders to make decisions on the best way forward for their organization in respect to organizational change, equipment requirements, infrastructure and training framework.

• Those decisions then provide the Training Designer (TD) with clear guidelines to enter the ADDIE cycle of training. PNA Presentation

• The report is usually detailed and large in size so a 10-15 minute presentation with an accompanied senior management reading document (executive summary) is also produced. Job and Task Analysis Report

• Report that enables senior leaders to confirm the training framework and provides the TD person with clear guidance to enter the Design Phase. Training Management Plan

• A collection of document, compiled as a complete plan, this is authorized by the CEO (or equivalent) of the client organization and provides all the design and guidance to those assigned with providing the training. Training Package

• A package consisting of all material required for the training providers to deliver the training.

• This can take the form of multiple packages aimed at various levels of training and set training outcomes.