Enterprise Security Risk Management - ESRM

The Security Management Systems is a culmination of security guidance processes, templates that assist and enable practitioners (advisors, consultants and managers) to follow an easy flow management system that guides the user to a road map to move forward and ultimately an end state of security compliance.

The entry level from user to user will be varied; this is usually reflective because of the variety of start points (maturity of their security plan, ie have the security manual but nothing implemented, or security implemented but ineffective etc).

The Security Management System brings about change in the general approach to security risk management and improves the standards to those that are used internationally, known as “international best practice.” Detailed and through security audits and assessments demonstrate a clear line of disparity between the organisations strategic plan and the effectiveness of a security plan, categorising it as either compliant or non-compliant (ie meets the approved security standards).

The Security Management Systems helps and aids in bringing visibility of those opportunities and weakness.